12 Hour Relay Challenge

12 Hour Relay Challenge

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Please sign up and help us raise funds for The Exmouth Quietmind Centre & The Tri-Hards. 

This is a 12 hour Relay challenge and this is how it'll work-

Sunday 2nd May

You will need to commit to 30 minutes (Nearer the date you will be invited to choose your time slot)

The day will start at 6am and finish at 6pm

It'll be great having members continuously running the seafront for the 12 hours.

(There will not be a relay baton, covid rules re equipment)

Starting and finishing from Ocean Exmouth you'll set off for a walk, cycle or run and return after 30 minutes to witness the next members head off.

More than 1 person can take the same time slot (so yes you can take a friend or 2 along for company)

Shelly said 'If you've got Tri-Hards kit please wear it'

Please also share a selfie at the end tagging the following-



Its been over a year since we did fundraising for them and the amount of people they are helping within the town is incredible. The Exmouth Charity has over 60 volunteers and they rely on grants and donations to run the centre.


48 spaces available