Santas Checkpoint Event

Santas Checkpoint Event

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*This is a FREE event

A challenge set for Tri-Hards members on -

Saturday 12th December 2020

Grab a Santa's hat 🎅 find a partner or enter as a individual. Each person in the pair needs to enter here. We do not need to know who is pairing up with who at the moment. 

Suitable for walkers, jeffers and runners.

At 7am on the Saturday we will release onto the Facebook event several checkpoints across Exmouth.

The aim of the game is to complete the checkpoints... easy right??!😁

You can do them in any order but must complete every one. A selfie of you and your team mate at each location will be needed and after you'll need to submit your results by email to us at- 

So... what you waiting for? Sign up here! You might even win a prize😊

Route... if planned correctly 🤣 will be about 6 miles!