30 Minutes A Day December Challenge

30 Minutes A Day December Challenge

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Do you want some motivation to support you're weight loss?

If so this challenge is for you!!

Throughout December you'll be challenged to participate in 30 minutes of exercise every single day, and yes that includes Christmas Day!!

Ideas of exercise could be walking, Jeffing, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, gym class etc

Why not take your weight and measurements at the start of the month and again at the end?!

There will be a private Facebook group that you can access, this will support you with motivation and on here you can share your exercise and pics and if you want to your measurements!

By doing just 30 minutes you can burn off 300 calories!

Grab a friend, a family member, even the dog and get out there and be active!

Good luck...YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Your £5 will go to Exmouth Friends In Need ❤

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