Beginners Running Course (Thursdays 9.30am)

Beginners Running Course (Thursdays 9.30am)

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Fancy getting into (or back into) running?? 

This is the perfect seven week course, designed to take you all the way to running for 30 minutes. Most of those who have participated in these courses also cover 5k by week seven. To celebrate our achievements we group together for one final event where we run the Exmouth Parkrun.

Free Trainer ICE Tag (normally £3.50)
Included with this course is a trainer ICE tag - this is a small metal tag which we engrave with the contact details of someone to contact In Case of Emergency

Once you've placed your order we'll send you an email with a link to submit your emergency contact details.

Don't add tags to the basket (unless you want additional tags to the free one)

Every Thursday, starting 9th September 2021- 9.30am for a total of 7 weeks.

Ocean, Queens Drive, Exmouth.

What to wear
All you'll need is a pair of running trainers and some comfy clothes (e.g. shorts, leggings, light-weight top)

    This event will only run if sufficient spaces are sold.

    Sorry, this event is fully booked.