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Bike Fit Talk

Bike Fit Talk

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The Beach Pub (Function Room)


Thursday 23rd June


7pm until 8pm


£5 inc tea/coffee 


1/ intro

2/ cleat set up

3/ bike fitting and common causes of pain 

4/ crank length, bar width, saddle types, q-factor 

5/ Cycling fashion and physiology.

6/ Q&A 30 mins

About Chaz..

Bikes have been my life and it makes me super happy to enable others to find the same joy and solace in something that has given me everything. 

I left school at 16 to go and race bikes. I raced at national level for 20 years until an accident in a road bike race cut my race career short. 

In truth it was the best thing that ever happened to me as after a period of not wanting anything to do with bikes, people just wouldn't stop knocking on my door asking me to build wheels for them and help them with their bikes and set up. 

As a mechanic I have worked for Yellow Jersey holders, World Champions, Olympians, Para-Olympians and too many pro riders to list. 

In 2004 I designed a spoke nipple that relieves hot spots in carbon rims and that led me to become one of the most experienced carbon wheel builders in the country. 

I founded Juice Lubes lubricant firm in 2008 and invented their first product Fork Juice. 

I worked as a team mechanic for various Downhill Mountain Bike teams for 15 years and in 2016 worked for the team that had the world champion, 2nd in the world championships and we finished the season as #1 team in the world. 

I have helped five young riders through to world cup level and now all of them are in the top 50 in the world with two inside the top 20. 

In 2017 I started Roots Cycleworks in Exmouth, the first town I got a job in as a professional mechanic. 

I am currently the Haynes manuals bike mechanic and did the technical editing on the current bike manual and wrote the Haynes bike repair guide app. 

 About the evening 

Chaz will discuss the importance of Bike Fits and give demo's and tips on making sure you are correctly fitted to your bikes.

This event is aimed at Road Cyclists. 

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