Introduction To Jeffing

Introduction To Jeffing

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Run/Walk/Run aka Jeffing with Paula & Amy


Wednesday 6th October at 6.30pm


Meeting inside Ocean

What Do I Need?

Comfy trainers, water bottle, headtorch and wear something high viz if possible. 

What Is Jeffing?

Jeffing is nicknamed this after its creator olympean Jeff Galloway. This is a much used and proven technique used since the 1970's

This is jeffing 

* Jeffing is a plan. The best results come from jeffing from the start line 

* Jeffing has a structure. It’s not just walking when you are tired. 

* Jeffing can help prevent as well as manage injuries. 

* Jeffing is definitely not failing! 

5. 26 miles jeffing (or walking!) is just as far as 26 miles straight running 

* Many many people are surprised to find they get a pb by jeffing - yes even racing snakes 🤣

* The run section is a comfortable run where you can hold a conversation

* The walk is a fast walk with purpose, 30 seconds is long enough. If you can’t get your breath back in 30 seconds your run is too long. 

* Short ratios are your friend (think in seconds not minutes)

Principals behind Jeffing - 

▪️Erase fatigue

▪️Break up the distance into manageable units

▪️Speed recovery

▪️ Reduce the chance of aches, pains and injury


4 spaces available