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Strength Course
Strength Course
Strength Course
Strength Course

Strength Course

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The Training Yard at Topsham are offering a 6 week Tri-Hards Exclusive Strength & Conditioning course that will offer fitness tests at week 1 and 6.

This is for ladies and gents!

The course will start on Wednesday 16th March at 7pm and will run until 8pm.

The Tri-Hards classes will be designed to incorporate varied intensities and functional movements, with the aim to improve fitness levels across a multitude of modalities. The classes will effectively combine strength movements, body weight exercises and cardiovascular conditioning. All can be adapted and altered to suit any individual, irrespective of fitness level and age.

One of the main aims of The Training Yard is to make fitness fun and enjoyable but to challenge every individual at their own level.

So.... the cost is £30pp for the 6 weeks which I feel is a great investment in you're health and fitness.

If successful they would love to work with Tri-Hards and provide more bespoke training for those who would like it.

We need a minimum of 6 to kick start this off and can take more if needed.

Who is keen????! Take on the challenge 💪

The Training Yard

Newcourt Farm

Clyst Road 



*as you drive down the lane to the farm head off to the right and you'll find the venue situated on the right hand side. There is parking infront of the gym. 


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