Hike & Roast
Hike & Roast

Hike & Roast

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Sunday 16th January 2022

Big Hike and Roast😁

Meeting 10.30am St John's Road

(Higher part where it meets Dinan Way, see pic)

A hike up to Woodbury Common, then across to Fourfirs, down via Woodbury Woods, onto Castle Lane, then the bridle footpath to Exton or the field path if not too wet, Exe Trail to Lympstone. 

You'll be walking for about 2-2.5 hours tops. Comfortable shoes/boots, ones that can get muddy, rain coats and water will be needed! Please wear your ICE tag on your shoes.

Stopping for a roast dinner at The Swan Lympstone and then from there you can either grab the train home or walk the 1.5 miles home into Exmouth.

Please pop your food order on the event on Facebook!

Roast Beef

Roast Turkey

Wild Mushroom Wellington 

Please note if the weather is really bad we will just go for lunch!!

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