Intermediate MTB Skills Workshop

Intermediate MTB Skills Workshop

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Intermediate MTB skills led by Coach Aled Jones

Saturday 7th August 9am till 11am

Location Woodbury Common, meeting point will be confirmed nearer the time

This is aimed at riders who are comfortable riding off road and have a good understanding of the basics required when mtb’ing.

The next steps in mountain bike skill progression are all about getting around and/or over sharp turns and obstacles.

A good majority of trailside dirt naps and general crashes happen while we are turning, making this an obvious element to improve next. Additionally, if you are interested in going faster on your bike, carrying more speed through turns is one of the best ways to shave seconds off your overall time.

Front wheel Lift
There will forever be obstacles in trails, thankfully, and learning how to get your bike over them without a dismount can be a lot of fun. The first part of that process is lifting your front wheel onto and over things so that you can roll over them. Front wheel lifts can also be a good transition to wheelies and manuals, which are advanced skills we could cover later.

Technical climbs
Like it or dab it, mountain biking requires some climbing in most areas. Learning to climb steep and technical tracks can be one of the most fun challenges on two wheels, and in some cases, it is the skill that pushes racers to the top step.

Riding drops
As you start to ride steeper and more technical tracks you will inevitably find some stair steps and drop-offs in your path. Depending on the size of the drop it can be good to look at the landing before you send it, but after a few hours tuition you will be ready to Chuck yourself in to the air in no time. 👌🏼

Please make sure you bring water, your own bike repair kit, helmet and make sure your bike is suitable for the common.

This event is not for beginners.

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