Junior Run Club
Junior Run Club
Junior Run Club

Junior Run Club

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Are you looking to encourage your child to get fit for life?

  • Running is fun
  • Running is affordable 
  • Running is a easy sport to learn 
  • Running assists other sports
  • Running has great role models for young people 
  • Running is for everyone 

This running club is available for the children of Tri-hards members (a parent must be a card holder for children to attend).

We welcome children from the age of 11.5 years plus. 

When does the club start

Thursday 12th March

What time will it begin and finish 

6pm - 7pm

Meeting at

Ocean, Queen's Drive, Exmouth (we will gather inside for the registration) 

*The club will not run during school holidays unless a leader is available and there is interest from the children. 

What will the children be doing? 

The sessions will be planned by qualified run leaders. Will and Shelly are both super friendly and inspiring coaches. The aim is to get children running, but by doing this using fun yet challenging activities. By taking training right back to basics, this allows students to build a far stronger foundation and they will see a much greater increase with in performance. 

The session will always start with a warm up and during this the children will be taught the importance of warming up, the muscles we warm up and the warm up routine.

The main part of the session will last around 30 minutes. This could include skill work, Agility, balance, flexibility, speed, stamina, interval, hill and endurance training. Some sessions will be taught on the beach, at Phear Park, Carter Avenue Park and some will be taking the group off running around the local area. Once the first few sessions have taken place we will then hand out a course programme which will have an itinerary and registration points.

The session will always finish with a cool down and we will then have 5 minutes to evaluate with the children how the session went. 

We encourage all children to keep a note pad as they may want to jot down their achievements from the sessions. 

What will my children need?

  • Children will need suitable trainers
  • Comfortable clothes with a light weight jacket (Tri-hards running tops will be issued to all runners) please note children will get hot. 
  • head torch during the darker months
  • bottle of water
  • ICE tag (these can be purchased on the shop at £3.50) children must have a ICE tag on their trainers to participate.
  • Not necessary but if your child wants to keep track of their times we recommend a sports watch. 

Does my child need to be fit? 


Any other information?

Children will be invited along once a month to do a club parkrun. This is a 5k event and starts at 9am. Parkrun is held every Saturday and children are always welcome to participate. As a club we would like to gather the children together on the last Saturday of the month to do this event. Meeting at 8.45am in Ocean.

*If the club is successful we may look to host a second evening.

*The club is free for Children whose parents have a Tribal card.

*If a child misses 3 consequative weeks their place will get offered to another child if there is a waiting list.

If you need to contact a leader please email-


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