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Tri-Hards Exclusive Climbing Session

Tri-Hards Exclusive Climbing Session

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Join us for an evening of fun at Exeter Quay Climbing Centre.

No experience necessary - It's using the family area with auto-belay (you're basically connected to a seat-belt which lowers you at a nice slow pace).

There's something for everyone, from the beginner to the more advanced... Ever tried climbing up multiple large discs, which all turn as you put weight on them 😬)

Our group will be aged 12 and above (physically, anyway 😂).

Tuesday 3rd December - 7:15pm - 9pm

Exeter Quay Climbing Centre.

What to wear/bring
All you'll need is a pair of trainers (the tighter the better), loose fitting / stretchy clothing, and some water (you'll almost certainly work up a sweat climbing up the walls). Refreshments are available in the cafe.

    This event will only run if sufficient spaces are sold.

    21 spaces available