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Walk or Run 5k For Leanne

Walk or Run 5k For Leanne

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Please join us for a 5k walk or run which will help raise funds for Exmouth mum Leanne Bassett.

Unfortunately, Leanne has very recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Leanne is only 40 years old.

Leanne also has hemochromotosis which she has to go into hospital for fortnightly to have blood drained from her. In a nutshell her body stores all the excess iron which could of been fatal for her had it not been found - it eats away at vital organs. Some of the symptoms were muscle weakness and wastage but upon further testing they discovered Motor Neurone Disease. 

Leanne currently has little use of her right hand and the left hand has started to deteriate quickly.

Leanne has never been on a holiday with her children, Mia now 21 and Tommy 19.

TRI-HARDS would like to support the fundraising and help make special memories for the family. Let's make sure this local mum gets the holiday that she deserves.

  • The walk, or if you choose to run will be 5k
  • Sunday 19th January 2020
  • Grapevine Brewhouse, Exmouth 
  • Fizz and cake for all runners (thank you Oliver Bainbridge and Tescos community worker Sue Kirk)
  • Start time 2pm
  • The cost is £5
  • Wearing either blue or orange would be fantastic!