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Yoga Course

Yoga Course

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Tri-Hards have a bespoke 4 week course starting with the wonderful Hazel!

Benefits to yoga include improved flexibility, muscle tone, balance, relaxation and a sense of calm. The practice of yoga helps to focus our minds on the present moment and encourages us to reconnect our minds and our bodies. Through yoga we can feel that we manage our thoughts and worries better and we can boost our mental health by slowing down, choosing to recuperate and letting go of some of the clutter in our brains so we can prioritise what is important to us.


On the grass area opposite Ocean on


Tuesday nights in August

They run on Tuesday 2, 9, 16 and 23 


7.30pm until 8.30pm

What will you need

Please also bring your own mat, water to drink, any medications you need and snacks as well as sun hats/wear sun cream or warm layers

The cost is £16 for the 4 week course due by 31 July please via PayPal: 

Please let Hazel know if you have any injuries or medical conditions prior to the start of the course ( 


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